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Philippines Development Forum 2006


Report of Proceedings by the Chairman Summary Report pdf

Presentation Materials at the PDF 2006

Opening Statement by the Co-Chairperson, Mr. Joachim von Amsberg, Country Director, Philippines, World Bank pdf

National Economic Development Authority - Philippine Macroeconomic Performance and Outlook by Sec. Romulo Neri pdf

Department of Budget and Management - Fiscal Sector: Expenditure Accounts by Sec. Rolando Andaya, Jr. pdf

Department of Finance - Fiscal Sector Performance Outlook by Sec.Gary Teves pdf

WG on MDGs and Social Progress pdf

WG on Growth and Investment Climate pdf

WG on Economic and Fiscal Reforms pdf

WG on Governance and Anti-Corruption pdf

WG on Decentralization and Local Government pdf

WG on Sustainable Rural Development pdf

WG on Mindanao pdf

Presentation of Vice President Noli de Castro pdf

Closing Statement by the Co-Chairperson, Mr. Joachim von Amsberg, Country Director, Philippines, World Bank  pdf

Participants of the PDF 2006

Forum Participants

MDGs and Social Progress Break-Out Session participants

Growth and Investment Climate Break-Out Session participants

Economic and Fiscal Reforms Break-Out Session Participants

Governance and Anti-Corruption Break-Out Session participants

Decentralization and Local Government Break-Out Session Participants

Sustainable Rural Development Break-Out Session Participants

Mindanao Break-Out Session Participants


Working Group Materials for the PDF 2006 are available for download here.

Other Written Statements circulated at the PDF 2006

Statement of the Canadian Delegation

Statement of the European Union Delegation

Statement of the International Finance Corporation

Statement of the Japanese Delegation

Statement of the Korean Delegation

Statement of the New Zealand Delegation

Statement of the United States Delegation

Statement of the ODA-GAD Network