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DLGWorking Group on Decentralization and Local Government

Directory of WG-DLG Members (as of June 2014) doc

Materials from Core Group Meetings and Activities of the WG-DLG.

The PDF Working Group on Decentralization and Local Government (PDF WG-DLG) is a platform for policy dialogue and coordination of development assistance to achieve development outcomes through decentralization and local governance. The convenor of the Working Group is the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) while the World Bank (WB) is the co-convenor. The Working Group members include: (1) national government oversight agencies, e.g. DILG, Department of Budget and Management (DBM), Department of Finance (DOF), and National Economic Development Authority (NEDA); (2) LGU leagues; and, (3) development partners.

In line with the 2011-2016 Philippine Development Plan’s (PDP) encompassing goal to achieve inclusive growth that is rapid and sustainable, that creates employment opportunities and reduces poverty, the PDF WG-DLG drafted the attached 2013-16 Work Plan. The PDF WG-DLG 2013-16 Work Plan identifies three Development Agenda to guide projects and activities, these are: (1) Improving Local Fiscal Autonomy for Inclusive Growth and Development; (2) Promoting Good Local Governance as an Enabling Environment for Sustained Growth; and, (3) Accelerating Local Economic and Sustainable Development for Increased Employment Opportunities and Reduced Poverty.

A new element of the PDF WG-DLG 2013-16 Work Plan is the inclusion of a results framework with outcomes and outcome indicators identified for each of the Development Agenda. The results framework is envisioned to play a vital role in monitoring the progress of PDF WG-DLG projects and activities and, more importantly, reaching the goal of inclusive growth.

WG-DLG 2013-16 Work Plan (as of July 2014).